What is Autotest?

Autotesting is the art of precision car control against the clock over a predetermined course. Competitors must memorise the route and complete the course as quickly as possible without hitting markers.

Autotests usually take place on tarmac or grass areas such as car parks or smooth fields with courses marked out by plastic pylons or cones.

Competitors tackle a number of tests, which they must memorise beforehand, and have a number of attempts at each. The driver with the lowest accumulated time is the winner. Penalties of five seconds are incurred for hitting cones or for failing to stop at a line. More severe penalties are incurred for taking the wrong route.

There are two types of Autotests – Production Car Autotests (PCAs) and traditional Autotests. As the name suggests, PCAs only permit production road-going cars and passengers must also be carried. Drivers can be aged 14+. Traditional Autotests permit a wide variety of cars – this is the realm of the super-fast and agile ‘Specials’. Drivers must be aged 16+ and no passengers are allowed.