Expert Updates on Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders:
A Monthly Video Series for Patients

In this series of half-hour videos, we aim to provide individuals with functional GI disorders with new insights from top experts in the field, on helpful topics for understanding these disorders. The videos in this series will be a mix of formal presentations and more informal interviews, but we aim for each one to be packed with authoritative and interesting information.

We add a new video each month, and we will announce the next couple of videos in our series in advance so that you will know what the upcoming topics are and when to look for those videos.

You can participate!: For 7 days after each video is posted on this page, you have an opportunity to ask the experts questions about the topic. We will post the questions along with the experts' answers underneath the video in a "Question and Answer" section soon after the 7 day question period ends, to enhance the educational value of each video.

This month's video:
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Videos coming next in this series:
  • November 28: "What Parents Need to Know about Abdominal Pain in Children".
    Miranda van Tilburg, Ph.D.
  • December 18: "Causes and Treatments for Chronic Constipation".
    William Whitehead, Ph.D. & Guiseppi Chiarioni, M.D.

If you have questions or comments about this series, please contact the series producer, Dr. Olafur S. Palsson, via e-mail at